Arkansas’s Casino Scene

Is it possible to legally gamble in the state of Arkansas? The quick reply is “yes.” The detailed response is that there is a gray area between legal and illegal gaming. For instance, slot machines and other commonly associated with casinos are explicitly forbidden by state law in Arkansas.

Gamblers in Arkansas will have to find other means to satisfy their itch for the casinos. Going to a nearby state where casinos are fully legalized is one possibility. These states include Missouri and Mississippi.

The casinos in Arkansas also provide games that are similar to casino games but are more like sweepstakes. Current legislation in the state allows “electronic games of skill” to be played in casinos that have been granted licenses to do so. Although these games are not considered gambling by law, they have the look and feel of those found in casinos.

There are now two racetracks in Arkansas that provide such betting options. Expect to be able to wager on horse and greyhound races at these venues. In addition, the two tracks also include sportsbooks.

As of the year 2020, no type of internet gambling is permitted in the state of Arkansas.

Exciting Nuts and Bolts About the State

The name of the state comes from the Osage language, where the term Arkansas refers to the Quapaw people. The current location of Hot Springs, the nation’s first federal reserve, was formerly home to this indigenous people. Many hot water springs, said to have curative effects, may be found in this area, as suggested by the name.

As a result, Hot Springs is a popular vacation spot for Americans from all around. It gained notoriety as a gambling haven in addition to its reputation as a spa town. Hot Springs is home to one of the state’s two active casinos.

Oaklawn has been operating as a casino and resort for horseracing fans for almost a century. The Arkansas Derby, one of the most prominent Thoroughbred horse races in the United States, has been held at the racetrack since 1936. The track first opened in 1904.

Former President Bill Clinton and Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton are just two of the many notable Arkansans who used to frequent this establishment. The situation is the same with Southland Casino Racing, the other casino with a gambling license in Arkansas.

Places to Bet in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas currently has just two legal gaming establishments. Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort and Southland Casino Racing were originally built and operated only as racetracks. But a few years ago, it all changed.

In the annals of this state’s gaming history, 2018 stands at the beginning. At that time, Arkansans voted in favor of a constitutional amendment that would allow for the construction of casinos similar to those in Las Vegas.

This means that punters may choose from a variety of games at either of Arkansas’s two legal casinos. Sports betting and “games of skill” based sweepstakes are two more options for casino patrons besides betting on horses.

When two new casinos open in Arkansas, gamblers can expect very identical experiences to the ones now available. The Saracen Casino Resort and the Legends Resort & Casino are the two casinos under dispute here in Arkansas.

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