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What is Playok and why play board games and Go here?

Playok, commonly known as Kurnik, is a website that provides online board and card games for real-time competition between players. In 2001, Marek Futrega established the website, which was first fully in Polish. As the website’s popularity increased, further language translations were subsequently added. Currently, it supports 33 languages and more than 30 games, and its development is ongoing.

Play online table games, Play OK, 24 hours a day using the system.

Currently, eight internet games, card games, and board games from Play OK have been translated into Thai:

Thai Chess Thai Chess is a chess variant derived from the Indian game Chaturong. The overall form of play is comparable to that of international chess in that it is played on an 8-by-8-square board and each piece has a unique walking pattern. The objective of the game is to overturn the King, the most important chess piece, however there are small differences in the nature of the pieces, their names, and their positions in Thai chess. Turn the tables in international chess

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Thai checkers

Thai game of checkers Another game played on an 8-by-8-square board with just eight pieces per side placed on the black squares. Each side will begin the game by marching diagonally across the board in an attempt to consume all of the opponent’s pieces. And if either party’s pieces can walk to the other party’s table’s edge, they will transform into a host with the capacity to move diagonally in a limitless number of spaces.


Go, also known as Go in Japanese, is a strategic board game in which players attempt to encircle as many of their opponent’s chess pieces as possible. Various sizes of gaming tables are available. However, it is common to play with 19 19, 13 13, and 9 9 square grids. Each side will use chess pieces of a different hue. one face is white The opposing party will wear black. Then, take turns inserting pieces at the grid’s intersections. under no circumstances will they be allowed to move the pieces that have already been put. When one side’s pieces are completely encircled by the opposing side’s pieces, leaving no interior space. All of the besieged side’s chess pieces must shift to the opposite color. When playing till the board is full, the winner will be determined by which color pieces can occupy most land. The winner will be the player who employs pieces of that color.

Othello \sGame Othello (Othello) or Mak, a game Thais may be acquainted with, is a game similar to Go in that the winner is determined by who has more of their own chess pieces at the conclusion of the game. However, the style of play is distinct in that Othello will retain the opponent’s piece so that it becomes our piece by enclosing just two sides, or he may put our piece in the midst of the pieces. instead of opponent It is not necessary to encircle every corner or every point, as it can capture the opponent’s pieces without doing so. After playing until there are no more turns, the score will be recalculated, and the winner will be the player with the most pieces on the board.

gomoku \sGame Gomoku (Gomoku), also known as Gobang or Five in a Row, is played similarly to XO, a card game with which Thais are already familiar. The objective is to arrange all five of your chess pieces, and whomever does it first will win. In most XO games, there are just three pieces, but in Gomoku games, there will be four. It is larger because it is played on a 19 19 or 15 15 board and must be placed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to form 5 only. Another comparable game, Connect6, will be built up to a greater degree. The playing grid may be as wide as 59 by 59 squares and all six pieces must be aligned.

chinese chess

game of chinese chess It is identical to chess played in other countries, except the board size is different, with 10 horizontal lines and 9 vertical lines. The parts are able to walk like those of other nations. and seeks to depose the Mak King or Ti, which makes the Mak Emperor leader of each faction. It is considered a game that involves the same level of strategy as combat preparation.

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Chess at the international level

International chess is likely a game that many players are already familiar with. It is a table or board game in which the objective is to strategically eliminate the opponent’s King pieces. Each individual has a unique walking style. If one side’s King gets eaten, the game is ended, but if the other side’s King cannot be eaten, the game continues. The game concludes in a draw if after 50 turns there are either movements or none. Also, the game will conclude in a tie.


Dominoes is another game that all players are likely to be rather familiar with. This game does not include a playing board. Due to the fact that this kind of play employs dominoes with two sides that are inscribed with various numbers and hues. The person who pulls the most dominoes by chance becomes the first player. It is put on the floor, and the next player to the right must place a domino with the same number of sides or color on the head or side of the first domino. The end may be And the next player will continue to do so until the first person whose dominoes run out wins the game. If no dominoes can be placed next, that player must continue drawing from the midfield until he can continue. If the center dominoes cannot be positioned adjacent to one another. The total number of dominoes held by each player will be tallied once again. The winner is the player with the lowest point total.

Playok Go, Chess, Othello, and Domino are available for free play.

Playok offers free access to over 50 table games, board games, and card games. Simply apply for membership and hit the game’s entry button. Then, wait in line for other online players to join the game. Or, they may be forced to play with gamers who are also waiting for opponents. All of Playok’s games, whether basic or difficult, demand critical thinking and strategy to win. Consequently, it is a game that can be utilized for both brain training and competition with people from across the world. Additionally, you may play other table games for free.

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