The top online sportsbooks in South Africa 2023

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South Africa is a sports-obsessed nation. In the rainbow country, rugby union, cricket, and football all have enormous, loyal fan bases. Consequently, millions of South Africans enjoy sports betting as an excellent opportunity to get even closer to their favorite event. But what is the greatest sports betting website? We’ve examined the sportsbooks that operate in the United States and provide online sports betting to determine which ones you should use.

Popular sports for online wagering in South Africa


When it comes to online sports betting in South Africa, gamblers have a wide variety of options. In addition to a thriving domestic sports scene, they may also wager on the finest athletic events from around the world.


Racing horses Racing horses

In South Africa, horse racing betting is enormously popular. Regular meetings are held at top courses like as Turffontein, Scottsville, and Kenilworth, and bettors take a strong interest in the best international racing events.


Rugby League

Rugby League

Numerous South African sports enthusiasts love rugby union with an almost fanatical fervor. As a result, rugby betting is a popular hobby for fans who follow the fortunes of the national team, three-time Rugby World Cup champions, as well as the premier local events.


Soccer \sSoccer

South Africa has an enormous thirst for online soccer betting. Fans may wager on the greatest action in the main leagues of Europe and South America, in addition to the 16-team South African Premier Division, which gets a great deal of attention.




Since many decades, cricket has been one of South Africa’s most popular sports. Fans may follow a variety of domestic events, and the accomplishments of the national team, one of the greatest in the world, guarantee that cricket betting is a major product at several sportsbooks.


Golf \sGolf

South Africans have produced some of the best golfers in history, and their legacy includes a worldwide appreciation for the sport. Fans may enjoy online wagering on the main golf tournaments in the United States, Europe, and worldwide, in addition to the top South African Tour events.


Tennis Tennis Tennis is one of the most widely gambled upon sports in the world. Online betting companies provide odds on every tournament, with the four Grand Slams serving as the highlights of the tennis season.




The UFC has become one of the most-watched sports in the world in a very short period of time. At the same time, UFC and other MMA (mixed martial arts) events have attracted a large number of enthusiasts to online sportsbooks.


Boxing \sBoxing

In South Africa, boxing has always drawn a large following. This will not alter in the near future, and hence, there will always be a strong volume of internet wagering on local matches and major global championship tournaments.


Basketball Basketball Basketball is one of the most popular betting sports in the world. The NBA’s global growth has improved the sport’s reputation, and South Africa now has its own National League. Fans like betting on this as well as the major events from the United States.


Positive aspects of online wagering

It’s difficult to recall a period when online sports betting wasn’t available, as its popularity has expanded so dramatically in recent years. With a multitude of online bookies to select from, online sports betting is fantastic for so many reasons.


Convenience. You can wager without visiting a regulated betting establishment or racecourse. You need not even leave your chair.

Flexibility. As long as you have a signal and funds in your account, you may place wagers from anywhere using your desktop or mobile device.

Choice. The finest sports betting websites will allow you to gamble on thousands of events and markets in dozens of sports.

Offers. There are a variety of welcome incentives, including free bets and matching deposits, offered by online bookmakers to entice new customers.

In-play. Thanks to digital technology, you may place wagers on ongoing races and matches via websites and mobile applications.

Popular betting sports leagues in South Africa


People who like betting on sports in South Africa have access to a vast selection of leagues, tournaments, and contests. As a result of the nation’s intense enthusiasm for sports, there is an abundance of local events. However, South African online betting services allow users to wager on the finest action in a range of international sports.


The English Premiership (soccer)

The English Premiership (Soccer)

The English Premier Competition is the most popular domestic football league in the world, making Premier League betting an excellent choice. The league is well-known for its nonstop action, historic rivalries, and the fervor with which supporters pack stadiums to demonstrate their loyalty to their favorite club. In South Africa, millions of people follow the fortunes of its most renowned clubs, like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool.


The Rugby World Cup (rugby union)

The Rugby World Cup (Rugby Union)

Rugby supporters in South Africa closely follow the fortunes of their national team. Not least in the yearly competition that puts the Springboks against the other Southern Hemisphere premier rugby powers. There are several options for spectators to wager on the intense matches against New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina.


Currie Cup (rugby union)

Currie Cup (Rugby Union)

South Africa has an insatiable demand for premier rugby union, and the Currie Cup is the highest level of competition in the country. Each winter and spring, the top regional teams compete for dominance, and as a result, this is one of the most popular sporting events for betting.


South Africa’s premier league (soccer)

South Africa’s premier league (Soccer)

The 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa accelerated the growth of the beautiful game’s popularity in the country during the past few decades. With 16 clubs competing at a high level, the South African Premier Division is a top-tier league that creates a great deal of interest among football fans and bettors. Recent seasons have been dominated by Mamelodi Sundowns, a Pretoria-based 10-time champion.


Greyville, Turffontein, Kenilworth, and Scottsville (horse racing)

Greyville, Turffontein, Kenilworth, And Scottsville (Horse Racing)

Since more than 200 years ago, horse racing has been a popular sport in South Africa. Bettors from across the world, as well as those from the United States, avidly monitor the action at tracks around the country. Four Group 1 courses – Turffontein, Kenilworth, Scottsville, and Greyville – whose names are recognizable to racing aficionados worldwide, provide the highest level competition.


International series of Tests (Cricket)

International Series of Tests (Cricket)

South Africa has an illustrious history of producing players of the highest caliber, on par with those of any competing nation. Players like as Graeme Pollock, Jacques Kallis, and Quinton de Kock are globally recognized. Test cricket is regarded as the highest level of the sport, featuring five-day matches. When South Africa plays against other major nations, there is a tremendous amount of interest in cricket betting.


Tennis grand slams

Tennis Grand Slams

The four Grand Slam events are without a doubt the highlights of the tennis schedule. The Australian Open is held in January, followed by the French Open in May/June, Wimbledon in June/July, and the U.S. Open in August/September. The Australian and U.S. Opens are played on hard courts, while the French and Wimbledon Opens are played on clay and grass, respectively. Johan Kriek is the only South African to have won a major slam, having won the Australian Open in 1981 and 1982. However, Kevin Anderson has reached the finals of Wimbledon and the US Open in recent years.


SuperSport Rugby Tournament (Rugby Union)

SuperSport Rugby Tournament (Rugby Union)

South African sports fans’ passion for rugby union extends to the SuperSport Rugby Challenge, the second-most renowned domestic league in the country. As 14 provinces, plus one team each from Namibia and Zimbabwe, compete in two divisions, followed by a knockout competition, South Africa’s online sportsbooks provide a vast array of wagering options.


Golf majors

Golf Majors

Gary Player and Ernie Els, both legendary figures in the history of golf, illustrate that this sport has always been very popular in South Africa. When there is a significant event on home soil or when it is time for the four yearly majors, interest peaks. These include the Masters (hosted in Augusta each April), the PGA Championship (held in various sites in the United States each May), the US Open (held in various locations in the United States each June), and the Open Championship (held in various UK locations each July).




Since its inception in 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has amassed a vast global fan base. It has spread from its spiritual birthplace in Las Vegas to locations throughout the world, where it currently holds regular combat nights. The UFC and South Africa’s premier mixed martial arts championship, the EFC, are offered in a variety of markets on sports betting websites.


African Nations Cup (soccer)

African Nations Cup (Soccer)

Every two years, the best national teams in Africa compete for the continent’s premier international award. In a country where soccer is so popular, South Africa has only won the World Cup once, in 1996, but there is always a great deal of interest in the finals, and betting is frequent.


National Basketball Association National Basketball Association

Basketball is one of the most popular spectator sports, and its popularity in South Africa has gradually increased over the past several decades. The Basketball National League is the highest level of basketball in the country, with ten teams showcasing the greatest talent in the country. Each season, online sports betting firms offer markets on the tournament’s matches.


NBA (basketball) (basketball)

NBA (Basketball) (Basketball)

The NBA is without question the most prominent basketball league in the world. Its global popularity began to increase in the 1990s, spurred by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and the USA’s Olympic Dream Team. Matches throughout the regular season and the yearly playoffs continue to create great interest for South African online betting services.

Sports betting tips


Sport betting is intended to be a pleasurable pastime that adds interest to free time. There are a few easy tips you may follow to get the most out of sports betting.


Do your homework

Stick to the games you know most about and study your bets. The more time you devote to studying the form and learning as much as possible about the competitors, the better your outcomes will be. And let’s be honest, everybody adores winning.


Bet just what you can afford.

Decide on an amount you can reasonably afford to lose each week or month, and stick to it. Thus, if you lose, it will not be as painful, and if you win, it will seem like a bonus. If you do experience a run of losing bets, don’t pursue your losses by upping your stakes to get them back. That doesn’t work.


Browse around

You are not required to place all of your online sports wagers with the same betting website. Determine where the most enticing deals are and which operators give the highest odds on a certain market or event by shopping around.


Move away

If you realize that you are not enjoying your betting experience, it is OK to take a break and refrain from placing any wagers until you feel ready to resume your life as a gambler. If you believe you have a gambling issue, there are organizations such as the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation that may assist you.

Online betting FAQ


Do I have to pay taxes on sports wagers?

No, as long as you are only betting for your personal amusement. However, the South African tax authorities will pursue you if gambling becomes your primary source of income and means of subsistence.


Which gambling websites provide bonuses?

Today, all reputable sportsbooks give incentives. These are often intended to entice new consumers to sign up, although existing customers may also be eligible for special deals and promotions.


Is it secure to wager online?

Yes, if you join the appropriate sportsbook. The protection of clients’ funds and private information must be an absolute top priority for all bookies. This is one of the most crucial factors we consider when evaluating the top sports betting websites.


What is a bookmaker wager?

A wager on an event for which a sportsbook provides pricing and markets. This can take several forms, including win, each-way, over/under, and accumulator wagers, and can be placed on a wide range of markets and events.


Do African gamblers pay taxes on their winnings?

No, so long as you are merely betting for your personal amusement as a form of recreation. If you consistently earn a considerable profit from betting, the South African tax authorities may determine that you are making a living from betting and tax you accordingly.


What to consider before selecting a bookmaker

Security, bonuses, and betting markets are the most important elements for selecting the best online betting service. Always select a licensed operator with an excellent reputation. In addition to a big selection of betting markets and events, you should look for an outstanding user experience on the website or app. Consult our list of the ten finest South African betting sites at the top of this page for the greatest alternatives.


Will betting sites function on a mobile device?

Indeed, they will. The majority of sportsbooks now have their own mobile app, and they devote a significant amount of time and money to ensure that sports betting on mobile devices is a positive experience. You should choose an app that allows you to place wagers anywhere you have a signal.


Which betting sites provide sign-up bonuses?

The majority of betting sites do. Shop around for the appropriate welcome bonus. This might be in the form of a free wager, a matched or boosted deposit, or any incentive that makes the sportsbook appealing to you.


Which sports are wagerable?

essentially every major sport Most online betting services provide a vast selection of the most exciting athletic events from across the world. Rugby union, cricket, and soccer are the most popular sports with bettors in South Africa, reflecting the nation’s fervor for following these games with love and devotion.

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