Top Spot Online Slot Rating and reviews

Barcrest’s Top Spot slot machine has made its way directly from the land-based sector to the realm of online casinos, bringing with it a time-honored gaming experience that can be enjoyed on a wide variety of different devices. This game has a medium to high level of volatility, and it allows you a level of control over your gameplay that very few other games can equal. It has a standard set of mystery symbols, and you may modify the number of paylines and the return to player percentage.

This slot machine, like the majority of the slot machines produced by Barcrest, gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of betting methods, each of which has the potential to uncover not only more frequent payouts but also some appealing additional features.

Below you will find our comprehensive evaluation of the Top Spot slot machine.

How to Play the Online Slot Game Top Spot

Not only is the gameplay of Top Spot straightforward, but it also provides a wide variety of betting options, much like the majority of the other online slots offered by Barcrest.

When you play Top Spot for real money, you have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, some of which are contingent on whether you participate in the Big Bet games or play in the more conventional manner. When normal bets are placed, the rewards vary from 5 to 150 times your payline bet for the symbols with the lowest payouts, and may go as high as 500 times your payline bet per sequence for the symbols with the highest payouts.

Playing the Big Bet game, on the other hand, will result in rewards that are half as valuable (2.5 to 250 times), but you will also get unique prize multipliers that may multiply your winnings by as much as three times. You may get access to the paytable by simply pressing the I button whenever you want to take a closer look at any of the unique features or rewards.

A mobile-optimized version of the game is available for use on any tablet or smartphone that is powered by the iOS or Android operating system by players at leading online slots sites. Because the mobile game and the desktop slot machine use the same screen controls, it will be much simpler for you to navigate the mobile game and get started playing it.

Features that Take the Cake and Free Games

Once you begin playing for real money and all those BARs and 7s begin appearing on your screen, it will be up to your matched symbols to bring you some cash rewards. If you have a winning combination, you will be awarded the cash prize. The slot machine will provide you a payout for any sequence of three, four, or five matching symbols that appear on any of the paylines, beginning with the reel on the far left and continuing all the way to the reel on the far right. In addition, the game provides you with its unique Top Spot bonus function, which will assist you in making the most of each and every award that you win.

The Top Spot feature is activated whenever you get a payment; when it does, it pulls back the curtains that are positioned at the very top of the game and selects a symbol from the paytable. If this symbol happens to match the winning combination, the slot machine will re-spin all of the current icons on the screen until it produces the identical symbol, giving you an opportunity to win an even larger amount of money. During this feature, the only symbols that will not be changed are the “O” inactive symbols. These symbols do not provide any rewards but will continue to occur often while you continue to play.

First Place Maximum Win, Return to Player, and Variance

The slot machine has a 94% return to player percentage, 10 paylines, and a minimum bet of 0.1 credits, which is equivalent to 0.01 credits per payline. You’ll get access to 20 paylines, the same extra features, and an improved RTP of 96% when you place bets ranging from 2 to 500 credits every round. After that, you may play one of two Big Bet side games for an additional 10 or 20 credits, each of which awards you with additional bonuses and has a return to player percentage of 98%. The enormous prize of 250,000 credits is the best that can be won.

The less expensive side game gives you the opportunity to purchase five spins for the price of one. These spins come with a return to player percentage (RTP) of 98% and a multiplier that may increase any reward you win by a factor of two. On the other hand, the most costly game for those who play slots for real money offers you not only the greatest return to player percentage (RTP) but also 5 spins for the price, with reward multipliers that may reach up to three times their normal value.

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